How To Build An Email List With Content Upgrades

We’ve talked before, here at The Savvy Solopreneur, about how to build your email list (for free) and about the importance of creating the perfect opt-in gift or content upgrade. Today we have a useful infographic to help you plan your content upgrades.

Content upgrades are often shorter and less complex than your main opt-in gift. A content upgrade could be a simple checklist, worksheet, or resource list, that helps your readers with the specific task you’re discussing in a particular blog post. You tend to integrate your content upgrade into your blog post, offering readers a small extra resource that will help them achieve the task you’re discussing in your post.

A post about attracting traffic to your blog might have a checklist of things to do to promote each post. A piece about social media marketing, might include a cheat sheet with the best times to post on each social site.

Check out the ideas below and do a little brainstorming about how you could include content upgrades in future posts, or those you’ve already published.

Tip: It’s a great idea to go back to an older, evergreen post that gets great traffic, and add a content upgrade. If that’s where readers are landing, that’s where you need to be trying to convert them to subscribers.


How To Boost Website Conversion With Powerful Content Upgrades

Graphic from Re-published with permission.

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