10 Free Tools to Rebrand Your Solopreneur Business

You all know how much I love free tools. I literally wrote the book on them. So today I’m excited to welcome Scott Smith to the blog, with an excellent guest post, all about free tools you can use to rebrand your business.

Rebranding is something many business owners end up doing, sometimes more than once, and it can be expensive. Huge thanks to Scott for sharing some excellent free rebranding tools with us. We appreciate it. Over to Scott…

rebrand your business


Are you considering rebranding your business? If you’ve been in business as a solopreneur for a while and things have fallen flat, this might be a good idea. A successful rebrand can inject some much-needed new life into your business or help you pivot to appeal to a new market. Large corporations often spend millions of dollars on their rebranding campaigns for good reason. Of course as a solopreneuer you are working with a different budget. Rebranding doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg though. This article will highlight 10 free tools that will help with your rebranding needs.


Every rebrand starts with a new logo. Some companies simply tweak their existing logo to make it more current and/or timeless while others create a new logo all together. GraphicSprings is a logo maker application that allows you to create logos in just a few minutes. To get started you simply enter your business name, choose the industry you operate in and then select a logo template you like. All of the designs can be fully customized and are downloadable in high-resolution format.


Canva is a graphic design solution that allows you to create most branding assets. Whether you need a brochure, flyers or social media cover you can design it with their application. To start your graphic design project simply choose what you want to design, incorporate your new logo and brand colors and adjust to suit your needs. Once you’re happy you can download your work and start using your design right away.


The use of images is crucial in effectively communicating your business message. With your rebrand make sure you pick a certain style of images and stick with it. You can use those images across your website, social media accounts brochures and more. Pexels offers professionally shot images that you can download for free and use for personal and business use.


When you are considering a rebrand, color choice is very important. Before you pick a color make sure you understand what the color conveys. Your brand colors should speak to your target audience and communicate your business’ message. Colormind is a great tool to come up with beautiful color combinations.


The right font choice for your business and rebrand also deserves some consideration. Fonts communicate differently so it’s important you choose the right font or font set. On 1001FreeFonts you can download your favourite font. Once you install them on your machine you can start using them immediately.


While we are on the topic of fonts, pairing fonts is something else that shouldn’t be done at random. Certain fonts just work better together whether that’s for a business name and slogan combo or titles in a brochure and subtitles. Font pair lets you easily discover Google font combinations that work.


The use of professional icons will help you set yourself apart from competitors when it comes to branding assets. Icons8 offers a large database of beautiful icons. Choose an icon set that speaks to you and use it throughout your web and print communication. It’s best to stick to one particular set and not to mix and match too much.


No branding set is complete without some beautiful presentation slides. With the tools above you can create your own slide deck by incorporating the new logo, font, icons, images, etc. If you are looking for some guidance you can use a tool like PowToon however. To get started you can select one of their templates, update with your brand colors, logo, etc. and then incorporate your own content.


Infographics are a great branding tool. A nicely designed piece that effectively communicates interesting data has the potential to go viral. With your rebrand consider incorporating infographics into your content schedule. Venngage let’s your create professional infographics in just a few minutes. Choose a template, incorporate content and finalize with your logo and brand colors.


If you are already promoting your business through social media you know how time consuming it is to resize images for each channel. If you don’t properly resize images your post will look blurry which isn’t good for your branding. Promo allows you to quickly and easily resize a post design. Create your design once, resize and then publish to all of your channels.


The type and quality image you use for your promotional content is important. Images you download through sites like Pexels area beautifully shot and already edited. If you have your own images you want to use it’s important you edit them. Pixlr will allow you to give those images the perfect finishing touch before making them part of your branding.


If you are considering a rebrand don’t be intimidated by the effort and resources required. The tools highlighted above will allow you to recreate all of your branding in no time without sacrificing quality. Of course there are alternatives for each of the tools listed that you can uncover with a quick Google search. These are a good starting point if you are ready to jump into the world of rebranding however.

Scott Smith is a freelance graphic designer with a degree in psychology. He is passionate about design, entrepreneurship, marketing and how it’s all tied to behavioural psychology.  When he’s not designing or writing he likes to travel and surf. Connect with Scott on Twitter and Medium


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