12 Bloggers Making Great Money Online, and How They Do It

When you first start blogging it’s tempting to pay out for training, books, courses and webinars that will help you  build and grow your blogging income. But new bloggers often forget the simplest and most obvious way to learn how to make money online.

Copy people who are already doing it. Find top bloggers who are already making money from their blogs and learn from them. Read their blogs, subscribe to their newsletters. Follow them on social media. See what they do and see if you could do something equally awesome.

You’ll do your own awesome thing in your own awesome way, of course. But to do it really well you need to emulate some of the most successful people out there, and follow their examples, advice and best practices in order to grow your audience and build your blogging income.

The folks at PageTraffic.com (definitely worth following) have put together this great infographic highlighting 12 bloggers who make more than $10,000 a month. Want to learn how to do that yourself? Follow these guys. Pay attention. Note how likeable and classy they are and how valuable their products and services are. Now do that, but do it your way. It really is that simple.

Bloggers Who Make More 12 Bloggers Who Make More than $10,000 a Month & How They Do It!

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