5 Ways to Build a Successful Business from Home

This week I’m welcoming a new guest poster, Ethel Lair from legacybasedliving.com, to the blog. She’s diving into a few ways we can build a home-based business organically and authentically. If you’re new to the solopreneur life, hopefully these ideas will give you some food for thought moving forwards.

Over to Ethel…

Working from home is the new normal, but that doesn’t mean everyone has transitioned seamlessly. If you’re looking for a new way to work remotely, you might need to consider a career change. This can involve creating your very own business, which will give you more freedom to do things on your own terms. Today we’re looking at five ways you can build a business from home and live the way you want.

1. Learn to Manage a Remote Team

Even if you start as a solo entrepreneur working from home, you might find that remote support is a necessity. Some online businesses involve outsourcing specific tasks. Some center around offering agency services that you can manage yourself, but outsource to others. Adding to your team offers opportunities for company growth, but of course, it also involves challenges, like effectively managing a team’s productivity across time zones. Ongoing communication will be crucial moving forward, so learning to handle remote collaboration is a must.

SnackNation suggests using platforms to create team- and project-specific channels to keep everyone on the same page. Keep in mind that many businesses offer ideal solutions for collaboration, helping your team engage in a space where their communication and organizational efforts are streamlined and efficient.

Small biz tools like online payroll and accounting services are essential for managing your remote team. Not only does online payroll track scheduling and automate pay and taxes, it also allows you to conduct payroll tasks from your desktop or smartphone. Better yet, because of the automation, you save time by not having to sort through paperwork after every pay period.

As you’ll be spending a lot of time in your home at work, it’s important to make sure the space is conducive to productivity. This includes removing sources of stress, like clutter and disorganization, to open up an air of positivity. Start by decluttering, cleaning, and even incorporating a few houseplants to bring in a little Mother Nature. Open up the blinds and curtains, too, to allow in as much natural light as possible. A healthy home office is a productive one.

2. Launch an Ecommerce Venture

Influencer Marketing Hub notes that starting an ecommerce business is an excellent way to start making money from home. Whatever type of product you decide to sell, there’s an ecommerce platform to suit. Research your options before committing to a platform. You can choose dropshipping only models or go with a platform that caters to single-product sales. Either way, it’s easy to get started quickly. You can also begin turning a profit in less time than a brick-and-mortar store and with fewer overhead costs.

3. Think About Blogging

Tons of bloggers make a living from writing for and operating their websites. The key to earning an income from a blog is to choose a profitable niche and offer valuable information to your audience. Content creation can become a full-time job on its own. But you also need to learn about search engine optimization, marketing, social media, and other aspects of website promotion.

Once you have meaningful content on your blog, you can begin monetizing the site to earn income. You can monetize with affiliate marketing, ads, email marketing and more. The only limit is your own creativity and drive.

4. Deliver a Service Remotely

If retail isn’t your area of interest, consider providing a service to customers. Working as an independent contractor, you can offer nearly any type of digital product or service. Plus, each field has countless opportunities depending on your strengths.

For example, as a freelance writer, you could offer copywriting for websites, blog content for ecommerce sites, white papers for corporations, and more. Other niches that mesh well with working from home include graphic or website design, app or software development, website coding, or bookkeeping. Creating and selling a digital product is another way to work remotely—and make passive income.

5. Extend Your Expertise to Consulting

Consulting is another potential work-from-home business with few limitations. As Consulting Success explains, consulting roles exist in nearly every industry, and your existing network might offer plenty of relevant opportunities. Working freelance, you could provide consulting expertise to corporations in your field to help them increase sales, cut costs, enhance employee safety, deliver staff training, and more.

An alternative to becoming a consultant is offering your services as a coach. There are distinct differences between the two paths. However, they also share many similarities, and both can be done remotely.

Transitioning to working from home can present many challenges. But the payoff comes in the form of financial and physical freedom. Not only can you do a job you love, but you can do it from anywhere in the world, too.

About the author

Ethel Lair understands that it’s easy to live the life of your dreams when you know what you want to leave behind for future generations. She created legacybasedliving.com to help her site visitors create financial plans that allow them to leave a legacy of support and love for their families and communities.


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