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Best Times to Post on Social Media

The time of day you publish your posts and updates on social media can make a huge difference in terms of reach and interaction.
Whether you’re a fan of Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook, this infographic provides some basic guidelines, but every niche is different. Experiment and track to see when your posts get most attention. 

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9 thoughts on “Best Times to Post on Social Media

    1. Yep, it’s important to track. This is a general guide, but every niche is different. If you’re a mom blogger, for example, you might find your social media traffic simply spikes during nap time!

    1. Aww! Maybe try building your number of followers first. Maybe no-one is seeing your posts! And of course posting high quality content and links. Good luck.

  1. Great Article. Thanks for sharing this infographic Karen. Valuable data and Experience in Email Marketing Is directly reflecting through your Article. Can Not wait to Implement All Tips and tricks.

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