Build A Life And Business You Love

Do you want to build a life and business you love?

I certainly do. I’m working towards building an easy, breezy, freedom lifestyle, and a location independent business. And I’m doing it by creating passive income, attracting high-quality clients I love working for, and getting world-class systems in place. Thats where The Great Big Life & Biz Bundle comes in. It’s a brand new, limited-time bundle of great digital resources, compiled by super-smart Kelly McCausey of Love People and Make Money.

Build A Life And Business You Love

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I grabbed my bundle today, and I’m already excited as I start unpacking it and realising just how much value is in here. This is the last investment I’m making in my business this year, and it’s a small one, but a very important one. The bundle is full of all the tools I feel I need to take my business forward through 2019, and it’s a biz & LIFE bundle so it’s totally aligned with my goal to effortlessly integrate my business with that  easy, breezy, freedom lifestyle.

This bundle is a fantastic array of digital tools and resources to help us all build the business and life we deserve. There’s over $2,200 worth of resources in the bundle, but I paid just $27 for it and you can too. I’ve already found resources that will help me with those three things I need to do. Remember what they were?

  • Create passive income
  • Attract high-quality clients
  • Get world-class systems in place

Here are all the courses, training programs and digital products included in the bundle (with the price you’d normally have to pay for them):

Companion Publishing Profits  – $27.00 Value
Create The Perfect Logo For Your Online Business  – $27.00 Value
Brandable Tech PLR Coupon  – $40.00 Value
Social Media Planner  – $17.00 Value
2019 Business Planner  – $37.00 Value
Color Your Way To Gratitude  – $19.00 Value
Becoming a More Confident Stepmom  – $67.00 Value
Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, & Unleash Your Badassery Audiobook – $14.97 Value
Thrive Anywhere Brandable Journals & Planners  – $30.00 Value
Home Business Balance – Client Onboarding Planner  – $27.00 Value
Brand Design: How to Develop Your Business’s Brand So That It Packs a Powerful Punch  – $47.00 Value
Get It Done, Dammit! Group Coaching  – $97.00 Value
Canva Blog Post Templates s – $27 Value
Personal Money Power  – $19.00 Value
25 Planner + Journal Templates with PLR  – $19.95 Value
Profits Vault PLR Package  – $147.00 Value
Made You Look! The workshop you need for an About Me page you’ll love  – $47.00
Jenny’s Journals  – $25.00 Value
Fearless Mindset: Increase your confidence so you can take the next step  – $97.00 Value
Traffic Booster Checklist Bundle  – $37.00 Value
How to Create and Sell a Profitable Online Product  – $149.00 Value
The Ultimate Expert Kit  – $96.00 Value
Signature Stories That Sell  – $97.00 Value
Your Magical Mind  – $47.00 Value
Happiness Quest 30 Day Challenge  – $27.00 Value
Whole Food PLR  – $50.00 Value
Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Jumpstart Kit  – $97.00 Value
Do Less, But Better Printable Journal  – $9.95 Value
3 Done For You Content Packs & 11 Ways to Profit with Pre-Written Content Report – $111.00 Value
Work Your Money Like A Boss  – £39.00 Value
Your Social Plan  – $25.00 Value
What Do I Want? Workshop by Val Selby – $47.00 Value
White Label Perks  – $30.00 Value
Thriving Biz Club One Free Month  – $77.00 Value
ReBuild Your Life Planner  – $17.00 Value
Get Clients Everywhere  – $97.00 Value
On-Camera Confidence  – $97.00 Value
Smarter Social Success 3-Day Intensive  – $57.00 Value
A Quick Start Guide To Creating An Eco-friendly Home  – $147.00 Value
Blog Smart Profitable Blogging Cheat Sheets  – $17.00 Value
Super Fast Simple Journals in MS Word  – $37.00 Value
Done-For-You Passive Income Planner  – $37.00 Value
Amazing Event Graphics  – $97.00 Value
How To Create Irresistible Content That Attracts And Converts  – $47.00 Value
Free Brandable Content Pack  – $27.00 Value
Don’t Just Survive…Thrive Through the Holidays Into a Resolution-Free New Year! Webinar Series  – $197.00 Value
Leverage the Power of Live Video to Grow Your Audience & Sell Your Products  – $47.00 Value
Monetize Your Day  – $27.00 Value
Freestyle Series Workshop  – $149.00 Value
POWER NETWORKING – How to Build Strong Business and Professional Relationships through Networking  – $27.00 Value
Promote Your Business: How to Get Publicity with Press Releases  – $47.00 Value
Simply Stunning Workbook Template  – $27.00 Value

Obviously you don’t have to grab everything in the bundle. You can pick and choose. But I’m finding there’s very little here that I can’t use to grow my business and improve my life over the next year or so. (You have to until the end of November to access or download everything in the bundle, but many of them are downloads you can keep until needed, or courses and programs that you’ll have lifetime access to once you’ve enrolled).

Remember the bundle is only available until the end of October. After that it goes away forever, though I expect there will be another one next year!

Get the bundle here.

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