4 Business Systems Every Solopreneur Needs

Ever wonder how the spectacularly successful solopreneurs manage to get so much done? Don’t they sleep? Do they work through lunch and dinner and their kids’ hockey games? Have they somehow figured out how to clone themselves? Do they outsource almost everything?

The answer to all of the above will vary from one solopreneur to another, but most will also acknowledge that a simple secret to greater productivity – no matter what your business – is getting great business systems in place. It’s possible to save hours of time every single day, just by putting a these four systems in place.

Four Business Systems Every Solopreneur Needs

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Discovery Call Scripts to Help Close the Deal

If you’re a coach, freelancer, MLM team leader, or anyone who deals direct with potential clients or recruits, you may use discovery calls to get to know your prospects. For many businesses, getting people on discovery calls is the key to landing more clients, or building their downline, and closing the deal on that call is critical.

Put a system in place, and you’ll soon find that you close a higher percentage of those deals than ever before, and all it takes is to create a winning call script. Then all that’s left is to follow the script. No more stress over what to say or how to transition into the sales portion of the call. It’s all in the script. Occasionally something happens to force you off script, of course. We all remember that scene from Friends, right? But in the vast majority of cases, a well-thought-out script can help you close the sale, recruit the team member, or secure the client’s business.

Onboarding New Clients

The onboarding process, is a pain, whether you’re a freelancer onboarding design or content clients, or a coach onboarding a new coaching client. You need a system that helps both you and the client understand exactly what steps need to be taken, how payment, booking, and briefing works, and what to expect from each other going forward.

The folks at Coachglue have made this crazy simple for you with their FREE New Client Kit – a pack of 17 done-for-you forms and letters, including a welcome letter, intake form, client invoice and monthly review form. They are aimed at coaches, so other solopreneurs will find they have a little adapting to do, but they can certainly be used as a template for most businesses.

Autoresponders to Stay in Touch with Your Subscribers

Your sales funnels are primed for systemization. In fact, you can easily build powerful relationships with your subscribers on autopilot, just by creating an email sequence that goes out to each and every new subscriber on specified days.

Even a basic autoresponder like Mailchimp or Aweber can move subscribers through a basic sales funnel. And if you’re using a sophisticated campaign builder such as Infusionsoft, you can take your automations to the next level by seamlessly moving subscribers from one funnel to the next based on the actions they take. This powerful system – once it’s up and running – can literally put money in your bank account each and every day, and it’s totally hands off for you.

Proven Landing Page Templates to Improve Your Opt-In Rates

There are so many great landing page builders now. For instance, LeadPages  provides dozens of drag-and-drop templates, making it easy and fast to create opt-in and sales pages. Business owners don’t have to struggle with design and layout–or hire a designer–to build an enticing funnel. If you use opt-in pages in your business, then this is one system that can save you hundreds of hours of time…not to mention frustration.

It’s easy to see you can systematize almost every aspect of your business and save time and money in the process. From product funnel building to product creation to team management to bookkeeping, marketing, client care and beyond, nearly every task you or your team does can (and should) be a part of a proven system. Take the time to create your systems now, and in no time at all you’ll be as productive as those top earners, and you’ll leave others wondering how you manage to get it all done.

A Simple Shortcut to Systematize Your Business

Are you ready to put the power of systems to work for you? At CoachGlue.com, they’ve created a series of coaching business forms and templates to help you manage every aspect of your business, from finding and onboarding new clients to getting paid, to tracking your income and expenses.

Their done-for-you letters and forms are fully customizable, and will help you create scripts and form letters for yourself and your team to use in every situation. Share them with your support staff, your executive VA, and your sales team, and your business will run much more smoothly and be much more predictable as well.

Check out their selection of done-for-you forms. And don’t forget you can get 17 FREE right here.

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