5 Forms You Need In Your Business to Avoid Client Misunderstandings

Sometimes misunderstandings happen, even between the best of friends, which is why you should have the proper paperwork in place for your freelance, coaching or consulting business, to prevent an awkward situation. Maybe you work as a freelance content creator, designer or photographer. Maybe you’re a business, health, or life coach. Maybe you’re a social media manager or VA. Whatever kind of solopreneur you are, the right client forms will help keep everything running smoothly.

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Where to Start

Don’t get sidetracked with the creation of the forms. I’ll show you exactly where to get templates for those that you can adapt to your needs, for FREE.

Here’s a list of common forms that savvy solopreneurs use to avoid client misunderstandings and possible legal action.

Client Agreement

If you’re a coach this might be called a coaching agreement. If you’re a freelance content creator (like me) or designer, you might call it a project agreement. This is where you spell everything out as clear as day. Include the expectations of both you and the new client for each of coaching sessions or for each project milestone. Don’t assume anything. If it’s not spelled out in this agreement, it doesn’t happen. Make sure your client understands and reads the agreement, too.

Confidentiality Agreement

This protects both you and your client. Everything shared between you and the client remains confidential by both parties. This allows your client to be more open and honest without fear that secrets will be revealed to any third party.

Client Invoice and Payment Arrangement Forms

Just as the client agreement is specific, so is this payment form. Your agreed upon pricing plus any special payment plans should be filled out, signed, and fully understood prior to starting work together.

Intake Form

This is usually the first form filled out, simply gathering information about your client and specifics about what they need from you, and what they hope to accomplish with your help. You’ll know from this form if this client is a right fit for you or not.

Goals Worksheet

If you are coaching or mentoring, an action plan should always be a part of the client’s homework, and this form helps spell out what they need to focus on and what action steps to take next. If you are working on a freelance project, or collaborating with clients as a virtual assistant or social media manager, this can be filled out at the beginning of each major project or campaign to ensure the client knows what they want, and that you deliver it.

And those free templates? Here they are…

You can download these forms (and 12 more) for FREE in the CoachGlue New Client Kit. These are aimed at coaches, but can be adapted for most freelance or consulting businesses.

Free Coaching Forms

Don’t Shrink Away From Paperwork

Paperwork can become overwhelming but these forms are extremely easy to keep on your computer and email to a new client to fill out and return. Your hard drive might get busy, but you don’t need to worry about piles and piles of papers cluttering your desk. Always back everything up in cloud storage. If you don’t have a good cloud storage package as part of your computer software, I like Dropbox. It’s free.

As always, use the forms that make the most sense to you and forget about the rest (no client wants to be bombarded with 17 forms!). And don’t forget to adapt them (and brand them) to represent you, your brand, and what you achieve for your clients.

Get your 17 forms for free right here.


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