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12 Twitter Tips That Will Generate Leads and Sales

If you’re using Twitter for business you probably want to sell your products and services, or at least generate leads on Twitter.

The lovely folks over at Hubspot have done (some of) the work for you, compiling 12 data-driven statistics that will help you get more conversions from your Twitter traffic.

It’s well worth considering some of these in more detail. As someone who’s recently (finally) got round to getting set up on Instagram, I’m frustrated that I can’t include a clickable link in individual posts over there. I know instinctively Twitter has to be better as I can include a link to drive traffic directly to the post or webpage I’m promoting. The data backs me up, according to Hubspot.

Link clicks account for 92% of all user interactions with Tweets. Click To Tweet

That’s definitely worth knowing. People aren’t just hanging out on Twitter to have conversations, or like cute pics. They’re clicking/tapping away on the links that interest them. No wonder Twitter is such a great traffic generation tool.

Scroll down for some more stats and tips to help you with your Twitter marketing.

Twitter Conversion Data HubSpot

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  1. Twitter is a great weapon to generate a lot of leads for your business. I like the 12 tips shared here, I think people will be able to generate a lot of leads by using these tips.

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