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Growing Your Email List With PLR Content

When it comes to making money online, growing your email list is key. It’s also harder than it sounds. Getting people to part with their personal email addresses is surprisingly difficult. Enticing people to sign up relies on providing a valuable opt-in gift. Keeping them there involves providing ongoing value.

Growing Your Email List With PLR Content

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Opt-in incentives are getting increasingly sophisticated. There was once a time when people would subscribe just to get regular updates on a topic they were interested in. Then they wanted a free report or ebook. Now popular bloggers often provide a high-value ecourse or a whole library of free resources.

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Some incentives to join an email list could include:

  • A free report that teaches readers to do something specific
  • Exclusive member discount codes to products or services
  • Being the first to find out about your latest launches
  • Free PLR products
  • A free eBook
  • An eCourse (delivered in parts every few days via email) that teaches something valuable
  • A workbook (like the one I’m offering now), cheat sheet or checklist
  • A resource library you can add to regularly (like the one I’ll soon be launching here at The Savvy Solopreneur)

Nurturing Your Email List With Strategic Follow Up Emails

Although most bloggers and marketers will choose to give something away in the first email, as an immediate gift, they’ll also often schedule a sequence of email messages to automatically build up a relationship with their new subscriber.

When this comes in the form of an eCourse, this usually means sending out a new “lesson” every day, or every few days. Depending on your niche, your eCourse could be anything from “How to Build a Blog in 7 Days” to “How to Change Your Eating Habits in 30 Days”. It just has to be free information, and offer something of genuine value.

You can schedule your entire eCourse in advance using a simple autoresponder program (I’ve used MailerliteAweber and Mailchimp – all are reliable and fairly intuitive to use, but I’m currently preferring Mailerlite, and it’s free if you have under 1000 subscribers). Once you’ve it set up, it will start sending, in sequence, whether you get a new subscriber today or a year in the future. It allows you to ‘set it and forget it’ and take the time to focus on creating new material.

Warning: Review any emails you send out by autoresponder regularly. If you created them a year ago, they may contain outdated information or broken links.

Growing Your Email List With PLR

You may be wondering where PLR comes in. Or even asking what PLR is.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and PLR content comes with a license allowing you to legally edit and publish it as your own.

Here’s the thing: PLR is not unique. Other people will have bought the same content. That’s why it’s an interesting form of content to help with growing your email list.

Many people decide against PLR for their blog content because it’s not unique in the eyes of the search engines. But with an email list you don’t have that problem: the content is sent out through email, and search engines don’t index it.

This is why can be useful to use PLR for your eCourse, or as articles in your newsletter, as long as it provides excellent value, and is relevant to your readers. You can edit it to infuse it with your own personality, include your own links, and personalize it with your own intro and conclusion.

You can also buy PLR reports, or package PLR articles into reports, to send out as extra value gifts to your subscribers.

Here are my favorite places to buy quality PLR content:

These companies all supply great, high quality PLR content that needs relatively little editing.

If you’re still not sure about PLR, or don’t know exactly how you’d use PLR content, I’d recommend this FREE report, from the lovely Nicole Dean at

Making PLR Make Sense – A Guide For Bloggers

Just click that link and download (or read online). There’s no opt-in for that one. It’s a no-strings-attached free gift.

If you’re really interested in learning more about growing your email list (and online business) with PLR you might want to consider signing up for this online training PLR to Profits.

Hint:  Use the coupon code PLR2P at checkout to get a significant discount.


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  1. Hello,

    PLR can work in my opinion only if it’s truly high-quality, offers value to your visitors and is rewritten a bit to match your voice and style.

    It can definitely work, I just think you need to be careful with a lot of the not-so-great PLR that’s floating around… for example the “Buy 100,000 PLR articles for $5” that you can get on places like Fiverr.

    Kevin Ocasio
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