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How to Build Relationships on Pinterest

This is the sixth post in our 10-part series about Pinterest Marketing, and today we’re looking at how to build relationships on Pinterest. As you’re no doubt aware, one of the biggest factors in building relationships and increasing sales is trust. When your followers and readers trust you, they’re much more likely to invest in what you have to offer, whether that’s a product, service, opportunity or affiliate product.

In order to grow trust, you first need to build relationships. This is an essential rule of all social media marketing. Let’s take a look at ways to build relationships and trust on Pinterest in order to make the most of your efforts.


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Confirm Your Profile

Be sure you’re using a business account, rather than a personal one. If you run a blog or very small business, you can still set up a business account, or, if it makes sense, convert your current personal account to a business one.

Then confirm your account in order to gain more trust from users. You’ll also gain access to Pinterest analytics and be able to install rich pins for your site, which again, can inspire trust in you and your brand. These small tweaks go a long way toward legitimizing your business in the eyes of consumers.

Provide Accurate Descriptions

When adding descriptions to your Pins, be sure to make them accurate. Use simple and relevant titles, with phrasing that tells the reader exactly what they will find when they click through to your content.

This may seem obvious, but some online marketers still feel that hype sells. In reality, few things destroy trust more quickly than using clickbait-type titles and descriptions. This same principle applies to choosing titles for your boards. By using straight-forward, relevant words, you’ll be providing accurate information that inspires your users to trust you, while increasing your brand’s SEO.

Always Be Giving

As with other platforms, it’s essential that you give more than you get. On Pinterest, this translates to pinning the quality content of others, commenting on their Pins when appropriate, and answering questions and comments on your Pins in a timely manner.

Pinterest is essentially a community made up of users who all enjoy visually appealing content, and it doesn’t require as much social activity as many other platforms, but ignoring messages, comments or requests will still damage budding relationships.

You can also leverage the active, niche-centred, Pinterest community through group boards. Find boards related to your niche or brand and request to join. These outlets offer a powerful way to connect with individuals who are passionate about your subject matter, as well as to be seen by more users than you would otherwise.

Pin Regularly

While Pinterest doesn’t require as much tending as other platforms in order to gain benefits from its use, it is important to maintain a somewhat regular appearance if you hope to nurture relationships with users.

No one wants to invest money or energy into a brand that just shows up to drop a self-serving product pin or blog post on occasion or bombards their feed with a ton of pins all at once. Instead, pin on a regular, more consistent schedule. This process can be automated through a Pinterest scheduler for even more ease of use if you like, but I Pin manually. It’s not so easy but gives better results, I’ve found. There is a great strategy for Pinning manually (along with a way to keep track of it all) included in the Pindepth course mentioned below.

Start with these tips in order to build relationships on Pinterest. You’ll find that your reach and your sales will start to increase as your authentic interaction and engagement does, as well.

We’ll be continuing our Pinterest series next week and the last few posts will look closely at group boards, Pinterest analytics, and promoted Pins, so do subscribe so you don’t miss them.

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How to use Pinterest to build relationships

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