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How to Use PLR Content To Create Videos

We’ve talked before here at The Savvy Solopreneur, about the idea of using PLR content in your online business. It’s a great way to produce a lot of content quickly, send out valuable emails to your list, create content upgrades and opt-in gifts, or keep your social media channels full of interesting and engaging content.

It’s tricky  though, when you use PLR on your blog, as it’s not exclusive to you and similar content may be posted on other people’s blogs. This can cause your content to be seen as duplicate content, which search engines may not like. One way to get around this is by using your PLR to produce video content. And yes, you can do this even if you hate appearing on video.

How to Use PLR Content To Create Videos

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While search engines can index almost every word you write online, video content is different. You can use your PLR articles and other content as a rough script for the videos you post online, whether they are Facebook Lives, YouTube videos, or training videos as part of an online course or free tutorial. If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, great. If not, there are ways to get around that.

Plenty of people produce short videos (and even whole online video based courses) without ever showing their face on camera. Sometimes visuals such as a clearly laid-out slide deck, with screen shots and illustrations, is better than a “talking head” video. Some tutorials focus entirely on following along on a screen as someone shows you exactly how to do something.

Sometimes you can even get someone else to do the talking. In this video, Damon Greene explains exactly how you can produce videos that get great results, without having to appear on camera yourself.

Further Reading

This blog post by Alice Seba, 6 Ways to Turn PLR into Video, digs a little deeper into this super-simple way of using your PLR content to create video content. Take a look.

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