Offering Your Own Coaching, Training or Mentoring Program

It’s daunting to think about offering a coaching program, or perhaps mentoring others in your niche, but if you’re currently doing an awesome job at something, you can probably help others ace it as well.

It may be blogging, social media marketing or video production. It may be attracting clients on Instagram. It may be publishing ebooks, or creating info products. The more specific the better. It’s not unusual for people to buy a training or coaching program to help them master one specific aspect of their online business. When they’ve nailed that one thing, they’ll go on to master another.

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Why offer your own coaching program?

There are a few reasons. One, of course, is to help other people. But there are plenty of others.

Coaches are in demand

People who can afford to will employ coaches in various areas of their busy lives. Some people have more than one at any given time. Once you’ve realized how effective coaching can be, it  can be addictive. A browse around online will turn up professionals offering their services as:

  • Life coaches
  • Business coaches
  • Personal coaches
  • Health coaches
  • Blogging coaches
  • Writing coaches
  • Time management coaches
  • Organization coaches
  • Sports/fitness coaches
  • Dating coaches
  • Parenting coaches
  • Career coaches

Coaching is a growth industry

People want to be coached, mentored and trained. We’re all realizing that we’re stronger together than as individuals.

  • “Personal coaching in the US was the second fastest growth industry, after IT. Apparently, there are 50,000 searches per month on Google alone from people looking for a coach.” (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • There are an estimated 40,000 coaches practicing in 70 countries worldwide
  • The coaching industry continues to grow at a rate of approximately 20% per year
  • Coaching is currently a $1 billion a year industry

Anyone can coach

That’s not strictly true, but you don’t necessarily need a coaching qualification to set up a coaching program. There are certainly ways to get certified if you want to, but potential coaching clients are far more concerned with their results than with your qualifications.

If, for example, you run a wildly successful blog and can share teachable, replicable strategies to help your clients do the same, you can offer blogging coaching. Obviously if you don’t have a successful blog or can’t pinpoint why your blog became successful, coaching others in this area is not for you.

Coaching helps establish credibility and authority

When you position yourself to coach others, you’re essentially telling the world you’re an expert in your niche. As you build a reputation as an excellent coach, your credibility and authority grows. You obtain more clients, get asked to speak on your topic, or to publish or contribute to books in your area of expertise.

Coaching is lucrative

When people buy a product or service from you, they enter your sales funnel. Often they enter at the lowest priced product or service available. Through marketing messages and communications the goal is to move your customers up the sales funnel so they’re buying more expensive products.

When you add a coaching program to your sales funnel, it’s often your highest priced product or service. You can also have a few different options for people who want coaching at different levels. You could try offering a fun, affordable, group coaching program, a one-off mini-mentoring session (I’ve just booked one with my blogging coach), or high-end one-on-one monthly coaching sessions to meet a specific goal.

Technology Makes Coaching Easy

Web based technology makes launching and running a coaching program a straightforward endeavor.

Depending on your audience and the coaching program you create you can use:

  • Audio and video technology
  • Membership sites with audios, ebooks and reports to download
  • An email course delivered by an autoresponder
  • Social networking mediums like forums or chat rooms
  • Instant messaging, email, Skype and other instant media
  • Webinars and teleclasses
  • An online platform like Udemy.com or Teachable.com

In fact, according to the Spencer Institute, a life coaching business, “70% of coaches work mostly by telephone and email with a nationwide practice.”

You don’t have to develop your coaching program all by yourself

Here’s that secret short-cut I promised you.

There’s a handy and very affordable trick to offering your own coaching or training program. It’s a useful website called CoachGlue.com and it can provide you with all the materials you need to put together your coaching program. CoachGlue refer to their products as done-for-you content that you can customize and brand to use in your own coaching business. Right now, for example, they’re giving away a FREE set of 17 forms to help you get new coaching clients in your system and ready to go really quickly.

Free Coaching Forms

Swing by and check out what they have available right now. If they don’t have a program that fits your needs, be sure to sign up for their notification list to be first to hear when they do. Each coaching program is limited, so when you see one that you can use – act fast.

Here’s the link: CoachGlue.com.




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