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How To Craft The Perfect Opt-In Freebie, With Minimal Effort

In order to grow your email list, you need the perfect opt-in freebie, also known as a lead generation magnet. This is basically anything you give away (from a free ebook to an online course) to entice people to sign up to your email list.

People don’t hand over their email addresses easily, so you need to offer them an excellent resource: one they’d think was awesome even if they had to pay for it. In fact, since the other purpose of you opt-in gift (aside from growing your list) is to sell your other products and services, it should be uber high quality. It needs to be so good your subscribers want to spend good money on getting more and similar information.

How To Craft The Perfect Opt-In Freebie, With Minimal Effort

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Writing an ebook, report or short course from scratch is hard. You can hire someone to do it for you (it’s actually one of the freelance writing services I offer), but that can get very expensive. A more affordable way to craft an excellent opt-in freebie is to use PLR content.

PLR (Private Label Rights) content comes with a license allowing you to legally edit and publish it as your own. This content is not unique. Other people will have bought the same content. So many people don’t want to use it on their blogs, but you CAN use it to create opt-in freebies.

How exactly?

Well, you won’t want to use it exactly as it is. You’ll want to give it a light re-write, add your own personality, perhaps add some anecdotes and examples. You’ll want to add links to relevant blog posts or products you have available. You’ll want to brand it with the name (and url) of your blog, your logo and/or a picture of you, a few relevant images, perhaps (get free ones from these sources) and your own website colors and fonts.

But you don’t have to create your opt-in freebie from scratch. Below I’ll show you three places you can get the basic template for your freebie. If you’re feeling productive, you can probably customize it in around an hour.

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Just to be clear, these are paid products. You will have to spend out a little if you want to skip the work of creating your own opt-in freebie.

So why would you pay for something you’re giving away for free? Because growing your email list is one of the few things you can do in your business that will give you a way to make money for years to come. Every successful blogger will tell you that the money starts growing as the email list does. Your email subscribers are your potential customers, plain and simple, whether you’re already selling your wares online now, or plan to release your first big product a year from now.

So where can you find these practically done-for-you opt-in gifts? Right here:

They’re called CoachGlue ‘coz they mainly serve coaches and they make your clients stick to you! They regularly release materials that allow bloggers and coaches to ‘teach their tribe’, with minimal effort. They produce planners, checklists, and even a webinar in a box.

At the time of writing, for example, they have this cool Instagram Marketing Planner (on sale) which is a great starting point for a freebie if you blog about social media marketing. You can sign up for their monthly program if you want to build a library of resources, run a group coaching program or build a membership site. (Yes, we’re talking about opt-in freebies in this post, but most CoachGlue resources come with resale rights, so you can sell them on to your own clients).

Not sure you want anything they have available right now? They’re always bringing out new stuff. Sign up for their email newsletter (and grab their current freebie) here.

White Label Perks

White Label Perks has some great options for opt-in freebies and content upgrades. Current offers I like the look of include this Productivity Hacks package and this  Persuasive Copywriting package.

Each package comes with several short stand-alone pieces of content, which they refer to as ‘blog posts’. Personally, I would either package them together into a downloadable PDF, OR (even better) send them out by autoresponder as a 5-part mini ecourse.

Bonus: Each of the above packages comes with ten editable social media graphics and twenty ‘social blurbs’ (pre-written quotes and snippets to share on social media).

Easy PLR have a range of different content available that you can package into an opt-in freebie. They have ready-made reports as well as packs of articles on a set theme. Article packs may contain anything from five to thirty articles (and will be priced accordingly) so they’re great for those email autoresponder series/ecourse freebies.

What I love about Easy PLR is the range of topics and themes they have. Their content covers health, family, online business, food, tech, and finances. Just click on the topic that best fits your niche and see what’s available.

At the time of writing Easy PLR have a site-wide sale on and are selling many packs off for $5. That’s quite a bargain for the basis of an opt-in freebie that could help you grow your list to the point where you could be making thousands of dollars!

If you’re still not sure about using these PLR resources to create your opt-in freebie, or you’d just like to know more about PLR content, I’d recommend this FREE report, from the lovely Nicole Dean at

Making PLR Make Sense – A Guide For Bloggers

No strings. No email required. Just click the link above and either download or read online.

You could also consider signing up for this online training: PLR to Profits. (Use the coupon code PLR2P at checkout to get a significant discount).




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