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Access Pinterest Analytics To Boost Your Blog Traffic

This is the eighth post in the Pinterest Marketing series, and the second day of the 30 day Ultimate Blog Challenge. If you’re new here, perhaps stopping by as part of the challenge, and are interested in Pinterest marketing, be sure to check out the other posts in the series.

If you’ve already read the other posts in the series, you now know that Pinterest can be really helpful when it comes to increasing traffic, boosting brand awareness, and making sales.

If you’ve implemented everything you’ve learned in the series so far, now is a good time to check your Google analytics to see for yourself how many visitors are reaching your content by way of Pinterest. You may be surprised by how many visitors Pinterest is driving to your blog or website already.

Another tool you should be using to monitor your marketing efforts is Pinterest’s own analytics. This resource is invaluable when it comes to providing marketing insights. Read on to find out how to access Pinterest analytics and use them to your advantage.

Access Pinterest Analytics To Boost Your Blog Traffic

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About Pinterest Analytics

In order to use Pinterest analytics, you’ll first need to have a Pinterest for Business account. You’ve probably already set this up. However, if you haven’t, it’s easy to do, and really is the best profile type if you’re a blogger or online business owner.

There are three steps to follow for set up. Just create an account, confirm your site, and then give your website visitors the ability to Pin your posts easily, by making sure you have share buttons on every post and on your Pinnable images (I use the Sumo plugin for this).

Once you’re all set up you can use Pinterest analytics to check out which content your site visitors are Pinning. Simply go to your account and click on ‘Analytics’ in the top left hand corner of the screen. Pinterest analytics provides a great deal of information regarding metrics that can guide your decision-making around your marketing efforts.

Your Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

Marketing efforts are always improved when guided by solid data. Having information about your target audience demographics, their daily practices, online habits and similar information can allow you to make informed decisions regarding the ways you choose to spend your budget and time resources.

The information found in your Pinterest analytics dashboard is definitely an asset when it comes to making the best use of this platform. Here you’ll be able to see the past 30 days’ worth of your top clicks, saves, and Pin impressions, as well as information on your audience, such as location and basic demographics.

You’ll also be able to see your average number of daily viewers and impressions, along with the boards with the highest number of RePins and impressions. You definitely want to use these metrics to your advantage.

How to Use Pinterest Analytics Data

All of these numbers and stats can seem confusing at first. However, if you break it down, you’ll soon be able to see patterns that can be useful in determining your next move.

It’s a good idea to start by taking a look at what’s currently working for you. Find your Pins that have the highest number of RePins. What do they have in common? Take notes, listing anything that strikes you regarding this content. See if you notice common topic themes, image formats, or other characteristics that stand out. Then make a plan to begin testing future Pins with these characteristics.

Look at which boards get the most engagement and RePins, including all your group boards. I noticed a lot more traffic coming in when I started using group boards, but digging around in my analytics helped me see exactly which boards were sending most of that traffic, so I could ensure I was Pinning to those regularly.

After assessing what’s working, consider what could be improved upon. Evaluate Pins with high engagement, but little follow through. These are your highly RePinned content with few click-throughs. Consider what you might do to entice users to click through to your website. Sometimes a simple call to action on your Pin image or in your description will do the trick. You may also be able to add coupon codes, the promise of a free content upgrade, or other incentives. Conduct some testing to see what works.

As you can see, the information provided through Pinterest analytics does require strategy and work on your part, if you want to really leverage the data provided and optimise those Pins. But with practice and creativity, you can expect to see significant growth in your traffic and (if your site is well-monetized) your revenue, based on your efforts.

There is a lot more information on Pinterest analytics in the  Pindepth Advanced online course, which is where I learned everything I needed to know about Pinterest marketing. It includes four hours of video training, actionable workbooks, a private Facebook group, and a ton of bonuses (including two bonus courses, Content That Converts and The Subscriber Rush). Plus, you get lifetime access. Every time Pinterest rolls out new stuff, more information is added to the course, so you’re constantly updated. Check out the details here.

How to use Pinterest Analytics

I’d love you to connect with me on Pinterest. And just click here if you’d like to get a free printable workbook and other goodies to help you run your online biz, along with other free tips and tools. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for the next post in the series.

10 thoughts on “Access Pinterest Analytics To Boost Your Blog Traffic

  1. Ok, I’m going deeper with Pinterest now and using it just a google! I will be saving this article and re reading it and using it to BOOST my blog! I know there is a audience for my blog because people are looking to go vegan or more information on their chosen lifestyle, and in fact bringing your dog along on the journey is also a topic because there was just a summit on the Plant based dog. So using Pinterest to Boost this will help others realize it is not inhumane in fact just the opposite! I can see photos of my dogs posing with carrots and celery and bags of commercial vegan dog food and homemade treats for them. Not to mention running with your dog and doing Doga with your dog (kinda redundant there- Doga I should have said Yoga with your dog- ie DOGA!)……So yeah Pinterest Analytics shall be used this month!
    Pamela Schmidlin recently posted…3 Reasons Why your dog should go Vegan too!My Profile

  2. Pamela, all topics food related are super popular on Pinterest. And going vegan (or just very plant-heavy) is such a popular choice right now, especially for women (which the majority of Pinterest users are). Plus the ‘plant-based pet’ angle is a tight niche which is great. Use the right words in your descriptions and people should find you easily. Same for ‘yoga with your dog’. I’m a big yoga fan, by the way, but don’t have a dog right now. Otherwise I would definitely be interested in that (sounds like it could be a very visual topic, too, which is always great for Pinterest). Look forward to hearing how it works for you!
    Karen recently posted…Use Pinterest Group Boards to Drive Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  3. Karen, you are a Godsend. I have been a Pinterest pinner for years. But for some reason, I don’t get the results I ‘think’ I should. I am definitely going to check out the class and your other posts. I can always search for this topic but you have a GREAT site and blog and you seem to be a one-stop shop for what I am looking for, so thank you!
    Fran (fellow UBC’er)
    Fran recently posted…Seniors, Work Like You Want To, Not Like You Have ToMy Profile

  4. Just made some pins this morning and am realizing I didn’t put any calls to action on them, so I am glad I am reading this post before creating any more. I also need to find a way to add a pin button to my website. Weebly offers one for your Pinterest, but nothing that says “pin it” or “save.” I’ll have to ask them about that, for my website.

    1. Hi Jeanine. I have used Weebly in the past, but it’s so long since I set up a site over there that I can’t remember how to put a ‘Pin it’ button on, but I’m sure it’s possible. Now I’m on WordPress I use a plugin that obviously wouldn’t be available for Weebly. A good workaround for now is that you can always simply write something like “If you like this post, Pin it for later”. Then Pin the post yourself and make the words “Pin it” a link to the Pin on Pinterest, where they can just click “Save”. I do that sometimes with long posts. I write something (just after the intro paragraph) like “This post is pretty long. If you’re short on time you can Pin it for later.” Then make the words Pin it a link to the Pin for that post on Pinterest. Hope that makes sense!
      Karen recently posted…6 Pinterest Strategies That Increase EngagementMy Profile

  5. Hi Martha. Like every other social site or traffic source, it does take time to get everything set up. But once it’s all done it isn’t as time consuming as you’d think, and it continues to bring in traffic with relatively little ongoing work.
    Karen recently posted…How to Create a Perfect PinMy Profile

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