20+ Great Pinterest Group Boards For Bloggers

We’ve talked before about Pinterest marketing strategies here at The Savvy Solopreneur. As time has gone on, I’ve found my traffic from Pinterest is increasing steadily, even though I still have less than 1000 followers. One of the main reasons seems to be my dedication to using relevant group boards.

I’m a member of around 20 group boards now, and I have a few strategies that may seem crazy, but they work for me. Here are a few of them.

Pinterest Group Boards For Bloggers

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I Pin manually

I don’t use a scheduler (other than my trusty excel sheet, where I keep a list of my group boards so I don’t keep Pinning the same Pins over and over). I have a theory that the Pinterest algorithm knows when you’re actually Pinning and when you’re just throwing everything into a scheduling tool. Manual Pinning does take a little time and organisation, but it saves you money on scheduling tools (all the good ones for Pinterest are paid).

I spread my Pins out

Even though I’m Pinning manually, I don’t throw a new Pin up on every group board, all at the same time. A new blog post gets Pinned at intervals over the 24 hours after I post it, across all my boards. I believe this gives it more chance to be seen by more (real) people throughout the day.

I’ve educated myself

There’s a lot more to Pinterest than throwing random Pins onto random Boards. There’s analytics, and keywords and a whole lot of strategy involved. If you’re serious about using Pinterest to build your online community, and grow your online business, you might want to check out this in-depth online course. It includes four hours of video training, actionable workbooks, a private Facebook group, and a ton of bonuses (including two bonus courses, Content That Converts and The Subscriber Rush). Plus, you get lifetime access. Every time Pinterest rolls out new stuff, more information is added to the course, so you’re constantly updated. Check out the details here.

How to use Pinterest

I stick to relevant group boards

I write about solopreneurship, freelancing,  and online business, so all my group boards are picked with that in mind. I don’t accept every single group board invitation I get. And I don’t Pin every one of my Pins to every one of my group boards. A relevant Pin gets clicks and engagement. An irrelevant one can be annoying.

So I’ll Pin posts about affiliate marketing (like this one) to my affiliate marketing group board, posts about Pinterest (like this one) to my Pinterest Tips group board, and posts about books (like this one) to my Books group board. You get the idea. Some boards you’ll only Pin to occasionally (though you can still browse and share from them regularly if your audience would appreciate their content).

I follow ALL the rules

As you click through the links below, you’ll find that each board has it’s own rules, for joining and Pinning. Follow the rules. If you’re supposed to follow the board, do it. If you’re supposed to follow the creator of the board, do that too. If you’re supposed to send a message to the creator, just do it. Rules are there to make the process run smoothly. Most of them are reasonable enough.

So which are the best Pinterest group boards for bloggers?

Here are my favorites:

Blogging Pros Group Board

Blogger’s Best

Blogging Tips


Female Blogger’s Free For All

Starry Eyed Bloggers

The Weekend Blog Share

Bloggers ‘Post It’ Board

For The Love of Blogging

Best of the Best Blog Posts

The Best of Pinterest

Blogging Buddies

Pinterest Tips

Coffee-Loving Bloggers


Bloggers Supporting Each Other

Affiliate Marketing

Blogger Hangout

Friendly Bosses Community



I’ll update this list as I find new group boards for bloggers, so bookmark or Pin it to come back to.

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Happy pinning, guys, and don’t forget to connect with me on Pinterest.

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2 thoughts on “20+ Great Pinterest Group Boards For Bloggers

  1. You are a wealth of information. I don’t use Pinterest for my humor blog. It seemed the wrong place for it but after reading your info, I’ll have to dive in and see for myself. Thanks for all the great insight and links. I will be following your blog. Nice to meet you! Have a great UBC!
    Bonnie Anderson recently posted…Garfield Invades the Coast of FranceMy Profile

  2. Thank you Bonnie. I have no idea how well Pinterest would work for a humor blog, but it does work well for most niches. I feel like some bloggers I know are putting all their efforts into Pinterest right now, and it certainly drives the traffic. I like to spread myself across a few platforms to be honest, so I have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. Nice to meet you too. Looking forward to UBC!
    Karen recently posted…Use Pinterest Group Boards to Drive Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

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