16 Strategies For Promoting Your Blog Posts

One thing new bloggers rarely understand is the importance of consistently and relentlessly promoting blog posts. For every hour you spend creating new content for your blog, you should be spending at least another hour promoting it.

Effective blog promotion strategies include guest posting, podcasting, and influencer outreach, all of which are pretty time consuming. There are a few quick steps you can take though, that will help promote your blog posts with minimum effort. Every time you publish a new post, do these 16 things to spread the word.

16 Strategies For Promoting Your Blog Posts

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You can use this list every time you publish a new post. Why don’t you bookmark it or Pin it for later.

Interlink from older blog posts

Often we remember to link back to older posts in our new post, but forget to go back to other relevant posts and insert links to the new one. Make sure your internal links are dofollow, as this helps with your SEO.

Pin your post

Using Pinterest strategically can seriously impact your traffic. See this post about Pinterest marketing for more tips, but at the very least, pin each post to a relevant board straight after publication. Add a pin it for later suggestion to your post (just like I did above).

Pin to relevant group boards over next 24 hours

You can use a scheduling tool like Boardbooster, or Pin manually at intervals. Try and identify at least a dozen active group boards that are relevant to your niche and save everything you pin from your blog to all of them.

Not sure which group boards to join? I share over 20 great group boards for bloggers in this post. You can also head over to my Pinterest and scroll to the bottom of my page. You’ll see all the group boards I pin to regularly.

Tweet your post

Include a relevant image and hashtags. Images attract engagement on Twitter and hashtags help people who aren’t following you find your Tweets. See this post for a breakdown on how to use Twitter to promote your blog or business.

Copy Your Tweet to Just ReTweet

JustReTweet is an easy way to get a lot of ReTweets (and Facebook Likes) fast. I wrote a whole post on how to use the platform effectively here.

Add a link to your Facebook Page

Include a striking image, and a short description. If people on your friends list would also be interested in the topic you blog about, share to your personal profile (or make a separate list of people on your friends list who are also in your blog audience, and just share with them).

Stumble your post

StumbleUpon is a great example of a site you don’t have to be particularly active on in order to attract traffic, as long as your content is good, so always add each post to your likes over there if you have an account.

Share on LinkedIn

Share your new post to your general audience on LinkedIn and in any relevant groups you’re a member of.

Share on Google +

Share your link on Google + with a short description and make sure your post image is showing (or add another eye-catching relevant image manually).

If you want to connect with me on any of the above sites, hit those buttons over in the sidebar, or up in the header, to find me.

Add to any other sites you’re active on

Depending on your inclination and niche, this might include BizSugar, Reddit, Digg, etc

Share in Facebook Groups

Share over the next week (in relevant threads). See this post for more ideas on how to use Facebook Groups strategically.

Add to any linkups you participate in

There are linkups and blog hops in various niches going on every week. Sarah over at My Joy Filled Life has put together a list of over 200 linkups you can join.

Send the link to your email list

You can send out an email for every post you publish OR add it to your round-up of posts if you send a monthly newsletter. Just make sure you do one or the other. You don’t want your subscribers to miss any posts.

Consider republishing

You can republish your post in full on sites like Medium, LinkedIn and BlogHer. Have a little more time (and the desire to just keep creating fresh content)? You can publish a new, but related, post on these platforms and link back to the post you just published.

There are also niche communities where you can start your own blog within the community, and republish a post with a link back to your blog. Some of these networks are very niche, so you’re going straight to your audience. For example, if you blog about Yoga, you could check out Do You Yoga.

Consider publishing an excerpt

You can also publish a short excerpt on sites like BlogHer and SheWrites, with a ‘read more’ or ‘read the full post here’ link.

Notify anyone you mentioned in your post

If you’ve mentioned someone, reviewed their product, or referred to a post they wrote, you can politely reach out and let them know, either by email or social media. If your post is professional and shows them in a good light, they may share it with their audience.

You can use this post as a simple checklist, everytime you publish (just Pin it or bookmark it to refer to later). If you like checklists (and templates and cheatsheets) you might want to check out The Busy Blogger’s Success Kit. You can get it half-price right now when you subscribe to The Savvy Solopreneur.

Busy Blogger's Success Kit

21 thoughts on “16 Strategies For Promoting Your Blog Posts

  1. So happy you loved it, Megan. I don’t like to advise people to sign up to every social or bookmarking site because it can get so overwhelming, but I find you don’t have to be super active on StumbleUpon. If you just add each post (and if your content is good) you will get some traffic trickling in from there with very little effort.
    Karen recently posted…Five Simple Steps To Increase Your Affiliate SalesMy Profile

    1. Hi Alexis. The thing is, it takes me about a minute to add each post to StumbleUpon. And then when I’m browsing blogs and there’s a great post AND if they have a StumbleUpon button I’ll add those too (it’s just the click of a button. Then a couple of my Facebook Groups have a ‘stumble thread’ where we all add each others pages to our likes. Total time investment = less than ten minutes, a WEEK! Yet I see traffic rolling in from SU in my analytics. Definitely worth it, I think.
      Karen recently posted…How to Systemize Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  2. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for this informative and well researched post. I’ll thank my VA for posting your link on one of my Facebook pages, and am so glad she did as while I do some of these, I realize I still have a long way to go in promoting each post. Interestingly the post I wrote over the weekend had some thoughts on this topic as well. One that I found particularly interesting is posting to group boards on Pinterest, which I’ve never done, but will add to my promotions.

    Thanks again for a very informative post.
    Yvonne A Jones recently posted…How to Start Building Relationships with Other BloggersMy Profile

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