Did you know that you can earn money as an affiliate for my Busy Blogger’s Success Kit the Freelance Writer’s Success Kit and the Affiliate Marketer’s Success Kit?

This means you can recommend the kits to your blog readers, email subscribers and social media followers, and earn a 50% commission every time someone buys through your links.

Here are some great ways to promote the kits

  • Review them. If you’ve used one of the kits and found it useful, review it on your blog.
  • Mention them in a blog post or email newsletter. Describe how the kits, or a single element within them, helped you solve a problem in your freelance writing or blogging life.
  • Give the kits a shout-out on social media.
  • Add them to your resources page on your blog or website.
  • Use graphics and banners (you’ll get a link to some I’ve created for you when you sign up) in your sidebar, your footer, within blog posts, or anywhere on your site. Make sure they link out with your affiliate link. You can use the images at the bottom of this page for now, on your blog or social media. Just right click and save.
  • Feel free to make your own images that fit the style of your site, but link to the kits with your affiliate link.
  • Interview me! Ask me five questions about freelance writing OR blogging and I’ll answer them. This will give you a ready-made blog post of 500 words or more (depending on the length of answers required). I’ll give you a bio to include that states I’m the creator of The Success Kit, but you can hyperlink with your own affiliate link.

Want to be an affiliate? Just fill in the form below. Write ‘I want to be an affiliate’ in the comment box, and let me know the url of the blog, site or social media profiles you’ll be promoting through. You’ll get your affiliate link that you can use anywhere online, delivered to your inbox. don’t forget to bookmark this page. I’ll be adding more tools to help you promote The Success Kits soon.

Want to know more? Ask a question. You can use the form below for that too.


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