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Why Pinterest is a Great Way To Drive Traffic to Your Blog

This is the second in our 10-part series about Pinterest Marketing, and as I mentioned in last week’s post, Pinterest is my single biggest traffic source most months, bringing me new blog visitors every day, and helping me add new subscribers and customers to my list consistently. What’s more, it’s a free traffic source, and, now I’ve finally got good Pinning strategies in place, it’s not even that time-consuming.

While you should always be working on getting traffic to your blog from multiple sources, Pinterest is a very user-friendly one to work on, and a great one if you’re a beginner, as it really doesn’t take long to get started over there. Take a look at these reasons why I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog and build engagement around my brand.

Why Pinterest is a Great Way To Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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Pinterest is SEO-Friendly

Pinterest, much like YouTube, operates as a search engine, and well-titled Pins and Boards, with SEO-friendly descriptions, do well. By taking care to name your boards with simple, straightforward titles (things the average user would type to find you and your offerings), you’re sure to see an increase in followers, who have the potential to become fans and loyal customers.

Pinterest Has Great Sales Conversion Potential

Visual marketing is a powerful tool because well-delivered images appeal to the senses and the emotions. Pinterest users tend to frequently be in a shopping frame of mind. In fact many people planning for a big life event, such as a wedding, a new baby, or starting a new business, tend to use Pinterest boards almost like a shopping list/wish list.

It’s therefore not surprising that Pinterest has shown to be very successful in sales conversion, especially in certain niches. If an individual is attracted enough to your content to spend a few minutes with it and actually pin it to their own boards, they’re more likely to actually act on making a purchase.

In some niches you’ll actually find there’s an advantage in sending people straight to a sales page for a product, either in your own online store or via an affiliate link. On other platforms people might be looking for free content and may object to direct links to sales pages, but it someone searches, for example, ‘bright yellow summer dress’ they’re probably ready to buy said item, and if they see a style they love the next thing they want to know is: where do I buy it?

Pinterest Has Wide Exposure

Pinterest allows your Pins to not only be seen by those who choose to follow you, but also to their followers. Your public boards can gain immense traction if they contain content that appeals to a wide variety of people.

The type of pins that tend to take off can seem eclectic and somewhat random, but taking time to create something that’s both appealing to look at and informative to many, will increase its chances of being pinned.

Pinterest Leverages Social Influence

You’ll find that Pinterest is a very socially influential platform. Its users often form communities among like-minded individuals surrounding a hobby, lifestyle, product or any number of interests. These types of social connections, along with the mere emotional pull of visual material, can  lead to immediately making a purchase or Pinning a range of options when planning for a future purchase.

Pinterest is Built on User Sharing

The fact that Pinterest activity is ruled primarily by users sharing the interesting things they find, brands actually have to invest little time in order to see some benefit. Of course, the more active and involved you are in maintaining your boards and sharing pins, the higher your return will be.

However, the actual time and energy you need to spend on your Pinterest marketing is far less than that of other platforms that require constant monitoring and frequent addition of new material.

Pinterest Integrates Well With Other Sites

It’s easy to share your pins to other social media sites, even to your own blog through embedding. You can tweet your pin, share it to Facebook or send it to another user through a message. This gives you a great deal of versatility and increases your reach with just a click of a button or two.

These are some of the most common and universal reasons to use Pinterest for your brand marketing. There are lots of other features and benefits that apply to various types of business, and new capabilities are often added. Give Pinterest a try and see what an impact it can have on your brand.


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