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8 Excellent Ways To Use PLR Content

We’ve talked before about the various ways to use PLR content both on your blog and to grow your email list, but there are still plenty of people unsure as to exactly what to do with their PLR. Often the PLR content you’ve acquired sits on your hard drive, instead of being used to save you time and earn you money.

Still baffled by the whole idea of PLR? It’s basically just ready-made content you buy in and then repurpose for your audience. You can edit, rewrite, repackage or rebrand your PLR content. Feel free to download this FREE PLR guide, Making PLR Make Sense – A Guide For Bloggers from the lovely Nicole Dean at (no strings, no opt-in, just click here and download, or read online).

I also discuss PLR in my Kindle book The Savvy Solopreneur’s Guide to Content Creation. It’s on sale right now for just 99 cents (or the equivalent in your currency).

Already have PLR on your hard drive (or as part of a membership you signed up for) and have no idea how best to monetize and utilize it? Here are a few great ways to use your PLR.

8 Excellent Ways To Use PLR Content

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On Social Media

Social media is a great place to share snippets of information, quotes and images, all of which can often be pulled from a PLR package you purchased, or PLR that’s included in your monthly memberships. Some memberships include graphics specifically designed for social media sharing and engagement. This monthly All Access Pass from White Label Perks includes 10 ready-to-share, social-media-friendly graphics, and 30 ‘social blurbs’ (that’s one for every day of the month, near enough) to help engage and entertain your social followers. If you do Facebook Lives, or post videos on YouTube and other social channels you can use PLR to help you create your videos (find out exactly how to do that in this post).

Opt-ins and content upgrades

This post covered ten things you can offer as an opt-in freebie, or content upgrade. Often something you buy in as PLR, or that’s part of a bigger PLR package (such as a checklist) is the perfect content upgrade, and it’s well worth investing in a high quality planner or workbook (such as these specialised business planners from Coachglue), doing a little rebranding and using that as a compelling opt-in freebie. It may seem crazy to pay good money for something you’re giving away for free, but, over time, a list of engaged subscribers can bring in thousands of dollars a month, so spending out on a great opt-in freebie can make sense.

Email Marketing

If you want to keep your blog full of unique content for SEO purposes, there’s no reason you can’t use a blog post or article you acquired as PLR in your email sequence or monthly newsletter. You might still want to do a light rewrite, just to add your own personality, then you’re ready to go.

Free Ecourses

If you’re offering a free ecourse as an incentive to get people to sign up for your list, a package of PLR articles or blog posts can often be adapted to create the perfect ‘taster’ intro to a topic. Some PLR sites offer specific packages perfect for this. The White Label Perks packages, for example, usually include five or six linked blog posts on a very specific topic (in the areas of online business, personal growth and health and fitness) that could easily be added to an autoresponder in the form of an course.

Paid Ecourses

If you’re creating a paid ecourse, you’ll want most of your content to be unique, but this is also a great place to use PLR, especially in your bonus sections, where you might want to give away some planners, checklists or worksheets that help your students implement what you’ve taught them.

Digital products

Again, digital products should contain plenty of unique content you created specifically for your particular audience, but it’s also sometimes possible, and appropriate, to bulk up what you’re offering with some PLR content. My digital Success Kits contain lots of exclusive content I created from scratch, but also provide some checklists and templates I bought in as PLR, and adapted (just slightly) so they’d be perfect for my audience.

Membership sites

If you run a monthly membership site and need to offer new content every single month, PLR can be invaluable. Programs like the all access pass we’ve already mentioned, or Coachglue’s VIP Membership cater well to people who run membership sites, offering new high value packages every month, that can be rebranded and added to your site with very little extra work.

Client Materials

If you work with clients as a coach or mentor, then PLR material can be bought in and passed on to them as a useful resource you provide as part of their coaching or mentoring package. Again, Coachglue provides specific resources for business coaches who want to do just that.

Note: Always check the licence restrictions on your PLR before including it in paid products, to make sure you have the right to re-sell or include in a paid product.

As always, go for quality. Cheap, low quality PLR often requires so much rewriting you may as well have started from scratch (at least it really is unique by the time you’ve finished with it, I guess!). If you want to customize and rebrand but do minimal rewrites, go for quality. PLR companies I personally use and love include:

Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletters at these sites. They run regular sales, especially when they’re changing everything up, launching new packages and retiring old ones. Most PLR I buy is on sale. And it’s some of the best value for money I get in my online business.


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